W80 equipped


Realizada por el Centro de Proyectos de Tecno con el arquitecto Daniele Del Missier y Elliot Engineering & Consulting, W80 se enmarca en la investigación constante realizada por Tecno sobre la evolución del producto pared. 

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El resultado es un sistema de división que responde plenamente a todas las necesidades estructurales, acústicas, de equipamiento, personalización y flexibilidad necesarias para definir los espacios, ofreciendo una respuesta global a todas las necesidades de diseño y a las complejidades de las grandes obras. 

Carácter inmaterial de la estructura con cristales y paneles que parecen suspendidos, gran variedad de materiales utilizables (cristal, madera, metal, textiles, pladur), importante contenido tecnológico protegido por 5 patentes, elegancia y cuidado de los detalles y fácil instalación, todo esto convierte W80 en un producto absolutamente innovador y de vanguardia, dentro de la más pura tradición de Tecno.

Red Dot Design Award W80, 2015



The site approach

The snap fitting system drastically reduces set-up time to anticipates site conditions by the ability to first install the profiles and delay the application of the panels and glasses in a second phase. Profiles can be cutted directly on job site making installation simple and speedy even for highly complex and large-size job sites, while also guaranteeing reconfigurability for possible future integrations. 


5 industrial patents

The technological core of the project, protected by 5 industrial patents, has made W80 an absolutely innovative partition making possibile a floating aesthetic appearance, the opportunity to integrate IO.T technology and to achieve LEED certification.



W80 reaches a certified noise reduction of up to Rw 48 dB for double glazed walls and Rw 56 dB for the solid walls. The doors also stand out for their acoustic performance levels, as they have been lab-tested to guarantee outstanding results.  


Accessories and technological integration

Various technological devices can be housed within the cavity of the wall, forming an overall wall thickness of just 80 mm / 3 1/8"; including lights, sliding and venetian blinds, Lcd ON/OFF films, various accessories and monitors ranging form 10" room reservation systems to large 65" video-conference screens. In the solid version, equipment cable-ways and technical components, such as thermostats or electrical controls, can be embedded remaining completely concealed.