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Space as a Service, a conference on the opportunity to connect spaces and the innovative DINA, the platform based on Microsoft Cloud Computing, which manages them in a smart way.

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Aeris, the system of beam - based benches designed to afford ergonomic comfort during lengthy waiting times.

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W80 plays the starring role inside the building situated in the heart of the Porta Nuova Business District.

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Aeris, the first smart bar-based benches, capable of collecting data and exchanging information in real time for new, evolved airport management.

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Creating workplaces that interpret the customer's identity and his/her needs is at the heart of Tecno's activities, which revolve around the production of desks, workstations and meeting rooms with a specific functional and styling solutions for the contemporary workplace. Discover all products Work
Making furnishings for public places means tying together three elements: the concrete, factual and useful design, with the location and its identity and the variable public who liaises with the project and the location. Tecno produces seating systems for stations, airport, waiting rooms, conferences and museums. 
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Tecno's design manifesto has always been to make items of furniture which are original, autonomous and elegant in form, but technical and industrial in production. Iconic objects capable of distinguishing the new domestic, occupational and hospitality landscapes. Discover all products Life
Partitions are among the most interesting milestones in Tecno’s journey to meet the new dynamic and flexible spatial requirements of contemporary society. Acoustic comfort, together with potential for equipment and customisation, are wedded to a practically ideal styling, thanks to solutions that are steeped in innovation. Discover all products Partitions
Tecno was the first company in its sector to tackle the Internet of things, creating a system of furnishings interconnected with the environment which, thanks to a series of incorporated sensors, activate functions designed for the user and send information in real-time to allow resource optimisation. Discover all products io.T