Red in Italy. The colour of red

In collaboration with Campari Group the multi-sensorial exhibition itinerary Red in Italy. The Colours of Red in the Italian Design takes place at the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels. A Jump into the Red through the most iconic italian design objects with a view on cultural, sociological and aesthetic evolution.

Red is Tecno and Tecno is Red. From the Logo by Roberto Mango to the corporate identity everythings is shaded into red. The iconic Campari exhibition opens on the chaise longue par excellence P40, designed by Osvaldo Borsani. The masterpieces such as P40 often wear red: it is not by chance that Orio Vergani desribed the chair as fast, essencial, immediate, and red has always been the best rappresentative for other world that point everything on these values such as the automotive. 

The exhibition shows how various shades of red have characterized the civilizations, the way we interact, objects and images giving birth to art pieces, architectures, entrepreneurship projects, design products and advertising pubblications. 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Rue de Livourne

381000 Brussels, Belgium
September 12 - October 9 2019