Aura is a chair that favours thinking and meditation. In a modern-day society that is constantly connected and geared to sharing, the enveloping shape of the shell helps to create a private space, favouring a feeling of privacy and aiding concentration in co-working spaces, lounges, open-plan offices and home offices, as well as in community and public places.

The carefully studied shapes and precise ergonomics make the seat comfortable and welcoming; the design expresses Tecno’s hallmark technical elegance and technologically advanced content through the choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

The armchair, with a pressurecasting aluminium basis, is comprised of a mono-satin methacrylate monocoque shell, which is available in a dedicated range of colours or specific colours upon request. The ample cushioned liner incorporating differentiated support zones is designed to guarantee the correct ergonomic sitting position for optimum user comfort