Tables, soft-seating, furniture systems and customized partition walls furnished the sales area, acceptance, lounge and delivery, reception counters, service and spare parts.


The partnership with Toyota follows along the lines of the 2003 project, as part of which Tecno was hired to furnish the office and the distribution network.

Since 2003 Tecno entirely accomplished more than the 240 Toyota dealers and more than 85 the Toyota’s assistance Centers. 

During 2005 Tecno supplied furniture in 62 Toyota agencies, in 2006 with 64 Toyota agencies and 30 Toyota dealers per year, considering that in those same periods Tecno also furnished other trademarks (BMW and Porsche).

Since 2015 Tecno entirely accomplished all the 167 Toyota dealers, with the Renewal of Retail Concept Corporate Identity, at the moment Tecno was the executive hand for the updating of technologies and any adaptations for special events like new model launches.

The most binding year was the year 2015 with 153 Toyota agencies supplied. 

Japan, Italy, Russia

Shigeru Iwakiri 

2003 - on going