Courmayeur Design Week-End 2023

From 9th to 12th February, Tecno will be taking part in the 3rd edition of Courmayeur Design Week-end: an exhibition itinerary in which design overlooks the snowy landscape of Mont Blanc.

Tecno will be showcased in its most welcoming guise through a setting conceived by Piuarch & Park Associati, which finds in the company the ideal partner for innovative solutions in the design of spaces dedicated to hospitality. 

The visitor is transported into 'Noosphere' atmospheres for a tale in a pop and playful mood of five display episodes that recall the imprint of a hand, as the first sign of human expression. The Tecno furnishings, dressed in the new materials, fabrics and finishes, open the story: the iconic Nomos table with the cosy Plau armchairs in a dining situation but also one of dialogue and exchange, by their side, the three-stemmed P31 seat and the T1 coffee table give a domestic and open feeling ideal for reception and reception areas. The enveloping Pax seating welcomes reflection, thought or intimate conversation, carving out a moment of privacy in lounge and lobby areas.

The long weekend will transform Courmayeur into a large installation spread across shopping windows and hotel lounges, as well as exhibitions, conferences and talks on the most relevant themes of architecture and design.

Courmayeur Sport Center
Via dello Stadio 2