Festival Della Crescita

Designing Happiness is the overarching theme of the two-day event in Milan: the theme of happiness - considered as a design issue - will be considered from every angle, with attention to the key aspects of the modern experience: sustainability, education, conviviality and mobility.

New challenges for design, projects and best practices will be issues discussed by Giuliano Mosconi – CEO of Tecno Spa and Zanotta – and Francesco Morace from Future Concept Lab. The objective of the Milan Festival of Growth, made evident by the title of the event itself, is to highlight and interconnect "happy", sustainable projects and share concepts and processes with present and future actors in the area. 

The entire festival is open to the public and, in addition to talks and meetings, offers workshops open not only to professionals and an adult audience, but also for children, young people and families. 

Saturday, 19 October
Palazzo delle Stelline (MI)

New challenges for design: the winning examples of Tecno and Zanotta
Giuliano Mosconi (President and CEO, Tecno Spa and Zanotta)
Francesco Morace (Future Concept Lab)

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