MULTY. Gabriele e Oscar Buratti. 2014

Multy is an innovative partition wall system for dividing and structuring spaces, for creating visual privacy and reducing acoustic impact in offices and work spaces in general.

The system comprises a single element, a panel, which can be configured, combined with others and equipped using a simple, intuitive system.

Created by design duo Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, the project, combines specific technical characteristics, superb performance and technological innovation, in a product that also offers elegant, cutting-edge design. 

The panel is equipped with an integrated perimetral structure in anodized aluminium housing snap-fit connections that allow the system to be equipped with work surfaces of different shapes and sizes, as well as shelves and accessories. Integrated snap-fit joints enable modular combinations of the panels.  

Multy features a vertical ball joint that allows the panel to flex, creating different geometric solutions: 180° linear, 120° corner and 90° perpendicular configurations. 

Tecno's unwavering commitment to research aimed at wellbeing in work environments has led, in the case of MULTY, to the design of an integrated technical solution that invests the product with advanced acoustic performance both in terms of sound absorption and acoustic insulation.