Ostuni Design Week-End 2024

Tecno showcases itself inside the Cloister of the historic building in Ostuni's Piazza della Libertà through an installation signed by Marco Splendore of WIP Architects, which finds in the company the ideal partner for innovative solutions in space design.

The visitor is transported inside a panorama in which to explore different paths of design, hospitality and beauty in which Tecno emerges with a dreamlike decomposition of the modular and micro-architectural system Linea, designed by Zanon Architetti Associati and Centro Progetti Tecno, which changes from an operational structure to an ethereal element, playing among the columns of the portico.  

With this installation, Tecno tells its most hidden and genuine soul, managing thanks to the modularity and innovation of its products, to respond to different needs and functions.    

Tecno X Ostuni Design Week-end
June 6th to 9th 2024
Piazza Della Libertà 1,