Plau, a new elegance

As can be expected of a company that indissolubly combines work and life, public and private, Tecno is continuing to explore and develop practical objects by extending a classic product's characteristics of transversality and flexibility to new versions.

Plau was designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti starting from a single surface, cut, folded and upholstered to form an armchair. For 2014, Tecno is introducing new supports and new upholstery finishes for the Plau chair.

With greater lightness in mind, a new version with a metal base has been created to complement the original design with its floor length sides. Two variants are available: with 4 cast spokes in polished or painted cast aluminium, with or without wheels, and with 4 legs in bent, chrome plated and painted metal.

The upholstery, traditionally in refined leather or fabric, is now also available in an exclusive new material: saddle leather.