TClub Milan

TClub at the Casello Porta Garibaldi is shown in a news dress: upgraded in its layout and revamped by the new collection of finishes that transform the space and the perception of objects.

The rooms of the Casello have been completely reorganised in terms of their functions and the furnishings are presented with new materials, fabrics and finishes, the result of a completely new design of textures and colour palettes that have been carefully selected and harmoniously balanced to allow the maximum freedom of combination: a coordinated system that redesigns the landscape of colour and material combinations in the Tecno catalogue to create more fluid, transformable, natural, sustainable and customised environments that promote the well-being of those who work there.

An open space where the company welcomes its own networking, where people can exchange ideas and find an organised, connected and suitable environment to work individually or as a team. With a view to engagement and representation, TClub now more than ever has become a dynamic place for sharing and connecting “minds” where board rooms, meeting rooms, lounges and in-between areas become an important part of the working day. 

Tecno TClub Milano
Caselli di Porta Garibaldi
Piazza XXV Aprile, 11