Tecno: redesigning the future of future work

Every day the world changes and we change with him. Our lives, our habits, our behaviors are evolving. And as we change, our work changes too. We work in offices, while travelling; we often change cities and countries. This has a strong impact on how we will design future workspaces.

Tecno, always dedicated to conjugate technology and design improving the conception of workspace, leads this evolution taking on the Internet of Things and creates io.T, a system of intelligent furniture aimed to simplify and improve the daily working routine.  
io.T, also the acronym of Intelligence of Tecno, is the first system of smart integrated office furniture able to activate functions and send information in real time allowing resources optimization and improve the user wellbeing within the office space.

Still thinking at the future of work, Tecno develops Clavis, a working table system that, simply by hands and with no hardware can be assembled in a few minutes synthetizing the increasingly agility, flexibility and adaptability required by contemporary work.

With this vision of the future Tecno has developed Vela, a sophisticated system of chairs conceived for multipurpose working environment and chair sharing areas. A responsive chair able to automatically adapt to the desired posture of the user.  
Innovative technology and elegant design have earned Vela the most prestigious design award.; the ADI 2016 Compasso D’oro.