Tecno human-centered offices.

Tecno has launched a collaboration with Anemotech, the first Italian company established to develop wellness technologies.

At the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2019, the Tecno space at Caselli di Porta Garibaldi will propose, together with its solutions for the spaces of the future, human-centered projects which integrate wellness into the workplace and public spaces, with the aim of improving the quality of life by creating a healthier environment.

As the Italian pioneer in its field, Anemotech has developed theBreath®, a revolutionary textile which absorbs airborne pollutants.

Tecno has integrated this innovative high performance textile into its solutions, using it to cover the screens in the Clavis table system.

theBreath® has an absorbent action which attracts and retains polluting molecules in its fibrous structure, a cleaning action which systematically reduces the bacterial load of the air in contact with its fibres, and an odour reducing action which is not limited to simply covering up or mitigating the odours released by airborne pollutants, but rather absorbs them, thus cleaning the air of noxious emissions.