Multy panel


One panel for infinite silence and privacy configurations.  


An innovative sound-absorbing panel system conceived to divide and create spaces, allowing visual privacy and reducing disturbing noise. The perimeter is designed to combine multiple panels in line or overlap the large panel with the small one as well as integrate different accessories such as shelves and coathanger. Configurations can be defined during the assembly and modified over time with unlimited flexibility. 
Multy comprises a single element - a soundproof panel – in two dimensions H 55 1/8 and H 15 3/4 inches, which can be combined together, multiplied to create an infinite variety of configurations and reconfigured as needed. It satisfy above all the functional demands of flexible open spaces and co-working environments. 



Acoustic Class A

The panel, which is composed of two external polyester fibre sheets press-formed at high temperature, is rated to acoustic absorption class A per UNI EN ISO 11654, and it achieves 20 dB noise abatement per UNI EN ISO 717.


Not a panel but a system

The perimeter structure and an internal vertical joint allow to yield a variety of geometrical layouts, as well as equipping several accessories and enabling panels to be overlapped, while optional locking brackets can be used to fix the installation in place.