Salone del Mobile 2019

Being independent but working together: open-plan offices are about co-working, where the office is no longer a physical location, but first and foremost the portable tool you need wherever you may be.

At the Salone del Mobile 2019 furniture show, Tecno presents some of its iconic products side by side with its innovative furnishings, resulting from the requirements of today’s environments and intended to play host to collective, shared and flexible ways to work.

WE partition walls become the key feature to create these projects in small and medium sizes, which require freedom of spatial organisation, speedy installation and the possibility of reconfiguring the interiors. Alongside these stands the innovative Linea micro-architectural system, which organises and defines dynamic, customised layouts with the possibility of integrating work surfaces, seating areas and various sized storage units or lockers.

Owing to the possibility of incorporating the io.T system, settings take on responsive qualities that the user can customise. This is an opportunity open to both businesses and private individuals, which can be grabbed by creating a community of connected furnishings that can be managed via App or software. In these new settings, every space can become an office, and every office can be your own office.

Come and find out how the working world is changing, guided by the principles of mobility, connectivity and responsive customisation.