Passenger Terminal 2018

You work, make a call, send an email.
You rest, go shopping, share on socials.
The battery of your device runs low, time to charge it and keep on working. Soon the flight is announced.
The wait between check-in and boarding has become a moment of your daily routine. With no borders.

Airports are no longer a waiting environments. They also function as a working places. A connection place.
In this context furniture and complements become multitasking.
Increasingly connected and more and more comfortable.

It is from the analysis of people’s behavior within public areas that aeris was born.The simple assembly process of the individual elements of aeris System allows freedom to compose every segment of the bench, generating endless compositions that can be reconfigured over time.
The product concept was studied to permit a high degree of customization, to be handled project by project.
The ergonomic seat design allows the body’s natural posture to be maintained, even during extended waiting periods.
The iconic star-shaped configuration of the structural basis is the functional core of the aeris System as well as an aesthetic element that characterises it. Inside its shell a data flow travels ready to be analysed to identify possible needs, improve area management, reduce consumptions and optimize resources.

Tecno presents aeris the first bench integrating io.T at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018, the most highly regarded airport conference in the world.
The seat, evolved, becomes an exchange line of precious information for the airport management and for the definition of a new user experience in the airport world.

Come and discover how the world of seating has changed.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 - Stockolmsmässan, Stockolm
Booth 1778
20-22 March 2018