Tecno Milano Design Week 2014

Tecno has a long history of pushing forward frontiers. The company has explored new horizons in its constant quest for new technical solutions for its products, and in the way it has always sought inspiration from art to develop new directions in design and production.

Tecno's vocation is uniquely dualistic for this constant tension between the material and the immaterial, the world of pure creativity and that of industrial production. This is confirmed by the new designs presented to coincide with the "Saloni Milanesi 2014" exhibitions. The company's historical headquarters in the Excise Buildings of Piazza XXV Aprile provide a unique setting for an indecipherable, labyrinthine and even disorienting use of space.

As in a work of contemporary architecture inspired by Mies van der Rohe, space is re-interpreted and load bearing and peripheral structures dismembered; new functions and new ways of exploiting space are invented; barriers are demolished; volumes emptied and made transparent.

Art and architecture are brought close enough to fuse into one.