The contemporary Ottoman with a rotating and completely reversible backrest. 


The sofa system was born from the 1993 designed for the Louvre, from the idea of setting up the rooms with a seat designed to allow visitors the viewing of artworks on every side. Today, it finds space in waiting lounges, reception and hospitality areas, offices and co-working environments. 
Todo Modo is a single seat available in two version: with or without rotating backrest. The polyurethane foam can be covered with fabric, leather or mixing the two options



Revolving backrest

The possibility to alternate seats allows to create extended layout with an interactive solution for fluid welcome spaces. By its original design the user is called to play with the backrest movements and find its own suitable configuration. 


From Museum to everyplace

«Twenty years ago, I devised the Todo Modo like a timeless element to supplement the Louvre. Today, I’ve rediscovered it inside Tecno’s workshops without even a wrinkle!» J.M. Willmotte.