Back, Better

The new challenge of the office is to be increasingly pleasant and welcoming so as to attract and retain the best talents: it affirms its identity value as a physical place and increases its importance as a place of exchange and professional growth, but the desk is no longer its fundamental element.

Property developers, general contractors, designers and consultants, moderated by journalist Donatella Bollani, will therefore discuss how to configure space formats to offer more comfortable, dynamic and proactive places, shifting the focus from operational areas to those of representation and gathering.

A selection of Tecno’s collections that outline small scenarios representing the different functions covered by the conference is presented in the location. Linea, Clavis, Nomos, Archipelago, Aura and more are suitable for individual or collective work, waiting, relaxation, conversation, and informal exchange, while the meeting is reserved for the WQube, an innovative micro-architectural solution that hosts all the comforts and equipment necessary for meetings.

Convention “Back, Better”
> The Glass | Via Mike Bongiorno 13