Connections, Connectors & Connectivity

Fusing technology and design, lending new value to the concept of comfort at work, has always been Tecno’s mission. The “Connections, Connectors & Connectivity” exhibition will have connections and connectors as its main theme. Software and hardware meet and become key elements in a new way of working.

With this inspiration Migliore+Servetto Architects creates for Tecno a new landscape consisting of a dense network of spatial connections emerging from the Caselli, home of the Milanese showroom, and embrace the outside piazza, thus building an unprecedented connection between the two Caselli.

A flow of energy which passes through more than one kilometre of red elastic bands stretched between the two specular buildings: a dynamic, continuous mark of a story that connects interior and exterior.

The piazza below this dense network turns into a urban living room, around four large continuous structures, used as seats and stages to present the product to the outside.

Clavis, the new operating system to be launched during Salone del Mobile is presented, in the two window displays on the piazza, within high mirror frames topped by an ascending vortex of replicas of its silhouette, in a stratification of layers from white to black and vice versa, drawing a dynamic view.

In the Caselli, in a sort of three-dimensional stop motion, a succession of pictures resting on the Clavis tables exposed, recreates the assembly sequence of the product itself, while in a room of the showroom, the glass surface of Clavis table becomes the projection screen for the presentation of io.T; the intelligent system of interconnected furnishings previewed by the company during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.

Salone del Mobile 2016 - Milan
Showroom Tecno - Caselli di Porta Garibaldi, Piazza XXV Aprile 11
April 12-17th, 2016 | H 10.00 am - 9.30 pm