Fuori Salone 2019

At Milano Design Week, Tecno illustrates the new ways to work on its premises in the former Excise Buildings.

Whether you travel there by scooter, skateboard, folding bicycle, moped, chauffeur-driven car or metro train, the former Excise Buildings workplace is expecting you. Once you’ve stowed away your backpack or travel bag in the Linea lockers, the Tecno space welcomes you and guarantees just by looking through the front window that everyone, whatever their profession, will find a comfortable place to work inside. In the Porta Garibaldi showroom, Tecno in fact recreates the workplace, with a sophisticated office project that integrates the principles of mobility, connection and responsive customisation.

Along the two floors of the architecture, an ideal building dedicated to co-working, innovative solutions can be found, which are easy to reconfigure, incorporating io.T technology, designed to foster collective and flexible work typical of shared spaces. The day begins: colleagues greet one another at the entrance on the P31 seats and Todomodo lounge sofas, two new restyled versions of historic projects, with their cups of coffee resting on the T50 coffee table.

If the day’s diary includes a focus group or an informal exchange of ideas, participants can sit on the Vela armchairs placed around the Asymmetrical table, make the most of the Pons sofa composition or focus on the Aura armchairs which help create some time-out for privacy. Individual activities take place at the various workstations dotted around in the settings: work surfaces are obtained in one of the configurations of the Linea product, fitted along one side of the ground floor with multiple functions - open-fronted compartments and storage units, shelves and resting surfaces – or taking a spot in one of the high S142 seats around the large Asymmetrical table; or even up on the first floor in the Clavis cluster, with height-adjustable workstations, or around the Graphis desk.If a meeting is scheduled, go to the meeting rooms on the first floor: Clavis in the high version to take part in quicker meetings with a small number of participants, or in the standard height to participate in a conference call comfortably seated on the Vela armchairs. 

The world of work is constantly evolving, codes are being renewed, behaviours are changing and so are the ways to use the workplace; Tecno interprets these changes in its efficient yet at the same time comfortable furniture: the set-up by Studio Calvi Brambilla, which combines multifunctional products with restyled icons featuring unprecedented finishes, opens onto Piazza XXV Aprile with an open-air scene that involves the city and its visitors. 

9th–14th April
Fiera Milano, Rho
Hall 16 Booth A 23–B20
h 9.30 – 18.30 

Caselli di Porta Garibaldi
Piazza XXV Aprile 11, Milan
h 10  – 21.30 
Opening party: 8 Aprile, h 18.30