"Gli uffici da abitare" by Jean Nouvel

"Gli uffici da abitare" by Jean Nouvel
“From free plan to human rationalism” a new space divider system.

Within the project thought by Jean Nouvel, Tecno develops together with him a new office space divider system: “A proposal for a system suitable for open space environments in high tech office buildings.

Objective: to create new possibilities for transformation and ownership while keeping to the norm and the rational regulatory framework; the plan may appear to be static and repetitive but it is actually open: the partitions are mobile and can be disassembled. Everyone can reconfigure and take ownership of their own office (14m2); they can change the partition walls and open up to the neighbouring area or onto the corridor or they can close themselves in. The doors are sliding or folding, blinds allow control of light and silk-screened glass protects intimacy. This offers the aesthetic luxury and beauty of a super yacht with wood and chrome finishings and the ultimate in refined components: a high tech telescopic table and shelves clipped onto glass partition walls. The system provides a sense of freedom and of ownership with multiple printed displays and shelves clipped to the partitions so that one can organise one’s own universe with collections of personal pictures or professional images.

It is the spirit of total programming but a generous one with an eye to the enjoyment of living. An open door to the hypothesiscalled rational humanism.”

Salone Ufficio.
Hall 24 Fiera Milano, Rho. 
H 9.30 am - 6.30 pm