io.T wins the “Salone Del Mobile Milano Award 2017”

The io.T Intelligence of Tecno smart system of connected furnishings has won the prestigious “Salone del Mobile Milano Award” as best product for the office sector.

The international jury explained their decision to Tecno as follows: “because of the masterful combination of technological, innovative and functional elements with the need for human relations demanded by the contemporary office.”

Tecno picked up on the insight of studio Gtp and set up a working group of experts in the sector, working on the io.T project for two years, to join their tangible “analogue” experience and prowess to the intangible experience and excellence of the digital world. Achieving an outright first in the world of design, Tecno thus took on the challenge of the Internet of Things and Digital Industry 4.0, continuing along the path of technological development undertaken by the company from its beginnings. 

The io.T Intelligence of Tecno system makes furnishings smart, integrated and connected: it allows furnishings to recognise their users and to dialogue with computer networks, devices and hubs, simultaneously acquiring information to enhance the well-being of the person and overall building management. The intelligence of Tecno simplifies and enhances work everywhere, whenever it may be, and promotes relationships and interpersonal exchange, still an important and essential requirement. 

The award, presented yesterday evening at the Triennale di Milano and now in its second edition, features three nominations for each of the 10 categories that showcase the companies, designers and installations that have made the greatest contribution to affirming the international appeal of the event and its contribution to promoting creativity, innovation and new visions. Giuliano Mosconi, Tecno Chairman and CEO, gave the following comment: “This award confirms Tecno’s identity as a ‘Project Factory’: through high-quality products that blend the culture of craftsmanship with contemporary technologies, the company is expanding its experience, thinking not only in terms of industry, but of design, bringing together –today – areas like technology with IT, the world of the office with comfort and new lifestyles and the hybridisation of public and private.”