Thirty years ago, Tecno and Norman Foster produced Nomos, a new system of tables and desks: this shining example of collaboration between an industry and an architect will mark a milestone in the history of industrial design.

On 15 March, at the new Casabella Laboratorio at Via Vigevano 8, Francesco Dal Co, historian of architecture, and Giuliano Mosconi, CEO of Tecno, are telling the story of the project, going over the main episodes leading to the success of Nomos.

To run the exhibition, alongside the conference and remaining open until 29 March, Tecno is opening its historical archives and presenting a series of original designs by Norman Foster and some of the endless series of drawings produced in the two years of work carried out to create Nomos.

A request has been made to the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Gardeners and Curators for 2 training credits for architects. Registration required. Information at www.casabellaformazione.it