Salone del Mobile 2015: Tecno's story

Tecno wraps up its participation to the SaloneUfficio 2015 with an undisputed recognition among operators, professionals, public and press.

Connectivity is the keynote which characterized Tecno’s presence: io.is the innovative project conceived with Gtp Design Studio and the technological partners Telecom, Digitronica. it, STMicroelectronics and Fae++, with the aim to create not only a connection between people but a complete interaction among people, objects and the surrounding workspace.

A new perfectly evolved vision of industrial know-how and design excellence
 to support and make contemporary way of working smarter and connected.

If the presentation at SaloneUfficio has had a highly technological appeal, in its Milan showroom, the former excise buildings in Piazza XXV Aprile, Tecno presented itself in a more “lyrical” dress showing the historical pieces signed by its founder Osvaldo Borsani and the more recent ones, now the new design classics.

Within the rooms, “A Tavola” a multimedia installation created by Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto which welcomes the arrival of Expo 2015. Tecno’s tables transform themselves and narrate through dynamic scenes the food preparation, traced by emotional images mapping table objects and bringing them alive in their use.