Tecno for Philip Morris

Tecno, the historical Italian trademark of quality design, is the protagonist at Lausanne, avenue de Rhodanie, the international headquarters of Philip Morris. This has been achieved with the project designed by the Turin-based firm Country Lab that included Beta Duepuntozero writing desks designed by Pierandrei Associati in the renovation plan for consumer engagement department spaces.

The Philip Morris headquarters have been conceived as a campus—called PM Campus—because, as a breeding ground for creative projects, work management is based on mutual exchange of ideas. The company requested this concept to be developed without implementing architectural changes to the position of walls or the size of existing spaces.

The outcome of the project cannot be defined as a mere restyling process for offices. It is, instead, a conversion plan charged with a powerfully innovative spirit for the working life of users who live in and experience spaces in PM Campus. A project designed to encourage common work and stimulate creativity. The objective was to create decidedly technological, warm friendly rooms studied to emotionally involve workers and encourage their self-identification with the company.

Project development was conceived by starting from the operating systems Beta Duepuntozero by Tecno, whose modular and flexible features allow to make the most of the spaces in which they are placed, without renouncing the comfort of those who live in these rooms. Moreover, the curved lines of these furnishing elements naturally adapt to the users, describing a new approach to the office world in which rigid elements and artefacts are replaced by details that convey wellbeing and encourage creative team work.

Powerfully adaptable and versatile, Beta Duepuntozero systems chosen for the PM Campus project have been studied to the last detail with accessories that enhance their suitability for the work environments in which they will be placed. Hence, despite preserving the original style and lines of Beta Duepuntozero, partition walls were custom-made to ensure the privacy of users without interrupting interpersonal communication required for successful teamwork.

The modular layout of accessory elements that allow to customise work stations, and the enveloping shapes and ergonomic features of Beta Duepuntozero tables meet the demands of modern offices by redesigning work settings to make the most of the space available, endowing volumes with movement and creating dedicated and efficient open space work groups.