Tecno opens its Maison in Paris

Tecno has chosen the Maison d’Ozenfant, the house-atelier designed by Le Corbusier in 1922 for artist Amédée Ozenfant, as its home in Paris. The first residential project by Le Corbusier, the home expresses a convergence of architectural and artistic intentions and ideals, becoming the testing ground for those concepts that will lay the foundation for Le Corbusier’s design philosophy.

Modern architecture, Purist in character, full of light: a chosen location which is therefore marked not only by creativity but by application and thought. Tecno’s Parisian home confirms the company’s identity as a “design factory” that makes its mark on the city and promotes the values of design, excellence and innovation.

Tecno’s home was inaugurated on Wednesday, 14 June: designed to be a place for relation and encounter between architects, interior designers and trend makers. A space for exchange and identifying innovative solutions for new ways of working and living. A location where the company displays its heritage, through the pieces that constitute its history, like the iconic P40 and 790 by Osvaldo Borsani or the Nomos table designed by Foster+Partners, which has now become a classic, and recounts its most recent research, which finds expression in the io.T system of smart furnishings, Clavis system of tool-free tables and the Vela responsive seating family. A transparent conference space, delimited by the W80 and W40 partitions, defines the experiential environment for testing the potential of the io.T.

Tecno renews its attitude in Paris, a European capital in which the company has been an active presence since the 1970s, collaborating with the main architectural firms. With the opening of its new home in Paris, Tecno continues its journey of development on the major international business platforms.