Dina是一个预订平台和一个定制的剖析系统,可将用户变成可识别的人。 配备NFC或蓝牙设备的用户由能够识别其个人资料和偏好的软件进行识别。 该系统将人员及其需求链接到使用中的位置和工作站,通过ioT家具的嵌入式传感器,激活建筑物中提供的功能。

该软件可识别和控制超过25种用于灯光、窗帘、空调、音频和视频系统的通信协议,没有任何集成和扩展限制。 在“设施管理员”方面,Dina将智能家具和建筑物的家庭自动化系统实时收集的所有数据打包到单一界面中,从而可以分析其使用情况、计划维护、优化资源、控制访问并根据实际占用需求修改布局。 如今,Dina可用于大型办公室、联合工作场所、酒店和机场。



A Service For The User

Dina is a booking platform and a customised profiling system that turns the user into a recognised person. The system links the person and their requirements to the location and workstation in use, activating the functions provided in the building thanks to the incorporation of sensors into the io.T furnishings.


A Service For The Facility Manager

For the Facility Manager’s benefit, Dina packs into a single interface all the data collected in real-time by the smart furnishings and by the building's home automation system, allowing the analysis of their usage, the planning of maintenance, the optimisation of resources, the control of accesses and the modification of layouts depending on the occupation requirements.