Sintesi App

The App for managing your environments, workstations and connected  services, leave it to the app.


The app by IO.T Solutions integrates various software systems capable of communicating with furnishings, architectural elements, IT tools, lighting, ventilation systems, locks and much  more, without limits for future implementations.



App Sintesi

The app unites the entire Sintesi ecosystem, essential both in the office and at home. When in the office, you can book parking spots, lockers, common spaces such as coffee areas and canteens, desks, meeting rooms and activate internal and external services. When working from home, you can manage Unica and its functions, receiving data and notifications to monitor and improve your environmental well-being.


SINTESI – The work+life ecosystem

Sintesi is the ultimate solution by Tecno and Olivetti and powered by IOTSolutions that makes work, whether from home or in the office, a fluid and integrated experience that respects people’s well-being. Unica is the revolutionary workstation designed to make working from home work best for you. Vela, thanks to IO.T integrated seats with sensors, reminders and guarantee the right ergonomics and correct movement.All is made possible through the app by IO.T Solutions: a software platform capable of digitizing buildings, surroundings and furnishings to make them easily usable and controllable.

Discover Sintesi The Work+Life Ecosystem