Vela IO.T

Face your days with maximum comfort and well-being thanks to Vela IO.T


Vela integrated seats with sensors that can send periodic break reminders and guarantee the right ergonomics and correct movement. Vela’s unique design also hides a special responsive mechanism that can automatically adapt according to the user’s weight.

In the Sintesi ecosystem, Vela is the ideal seat for working from home together with Unica.



Innovative design

Vela design conceals a sophisticated responsive mechanism. It has a reclining backrest of 18° with the possibility to lock into 3 positions and it is also adjustable in height.


Elegant and Comfort

A family of seats with a simple and elegant design able to automatically adapt comfort and posture based on the weight of the user. The collection, conceived for office, soft-contract and residential spaces, is available with sled and cantilever base, with 4 legs in wood or 4 and 5 spoke swivel on feet or fixed on castors. 


Technical features

The spokes are made by pushing metal manufacturing to its limits: tapered steel tubes, cold-formed with a variable cross section, are at the end elegant, lightweight supporting frames.  


SINTESI – The work+life ecosystem

Sintesi is the ultimate solution by Tecno and Olivetti and powered by IOTSolutions that makes work, whether from home or in the office, a fluid and integrated experience that respects people’s well-being. Unica is the revolutionary workstation designed to make working from home work best for you. Vela, thanks to IO.T integrated seats with sensors, reminders and guarantee the right ergonomics and correct movement.All is made possible through the app by IO.T Solutions: a software platform capable of digitizing buildings, surroundings and furnishings to make them easily usable and controllable.

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