Business District

W80 plays the starring role inside the building situated in the heart of the Porta Nuova Business District, spanning a total of 9 storeys above the ground and 5 underground.

The project for the building, which previously belonged to the Lombardy Region, was entrusted to Goring and Straja Architects, with the firm brief of creating a new, distinct and above all high-performance technological image for the premises.

This led to the choice of W80, a partition with a strong technological content covered by a generous 5 patents, with meticulous details and simple to install. The use of the H. 2800 mm profile in satin finish steel renders the partition frame almost imperceptible, as if the glazing and panels were suspended in mid-air.

The Gate was refurbished according to a concept of sustainable architecture, using low environmental impact design solutions to obtain LEED Gold certification thanks also to the high-performance double glazed doors and partitions.

The results achieved inside the building in terms of quality of work and design are significant too. W80 makes its contribution and boosts the hi-tech, efficient and solar effect of the building.

Milan - Italy