Intesa San Paolo

For a bank like Intesa which has made its local connection one key factor of its success, having welcoming, well designed and functional subsidiaries is decisive, especially if the healthy body of a space needs to host healthy operations.

The layout played on the optimisation of spaces and on “transparency”, a symbolic term that opens the piazza of exchange and business with the outside and reflects the hustle and bustle of the metropolisinternally. Areas dedicated to the privacy of private meetings were alternated with public lounges.

Preferred materials, such as wood and porcelain stoneware, and the colours and finishes for the coverings eloquently evoke a domestic environment.

For the Banca Intesa project, the counter was instead imagined as an emblematic presence with great scenic impact, which also made its presence felt thanks to its white colour contrasting with the warm, natural tones of the environment and acts as a point of orientation.

Intesa San Paolo

Client’s activity

Project & Facility Management
Intesa San Paolo

2015 - 2017