Today, Safilo's offices in Italy and America are welcoming new ways of working that are flexible, dynamic and strongly oriented towards group interaction.

Leading eyewear producers Safilo translate extraordinary designs into unique products, created using artisan expertise that dates back to 1878. For this company delivering creative excellent, Tecno is developing dynamic interiors with organic form, using the beta 2.0 system with over 150 desks. 

The workstations are designed for mobility and the informal switch from open space to private offices. "Squares" for exchange or islands of concentration, the various work systems are connected by backbones, a structural element that allows the electrification of all tables to be managed completely hidden and without the need for a computer floor. 

The unconventional "wave" arrangement of the desks, the multi-purpose area and the inclusion of informal furnishings encourage an atmosphere of speculative creative exchange. The layout ensures optimisation of sunlight and the details favour acoustic comfort.

Italy, Padova
USA, New Jersey

Safilo S.p.A.

2016 -2017