TClub is a place for working and sharing dedicated to the Tecno community.

A space for meeting and sharing pathways, a new way of experiencing the corporate know-how and exploring the most recent project solutions. Designed according to the principles of flexibility and customization so as to offer well-being, comfort and beauty, the spaces can be used by reservation. It is an environment conducive to design, research and technological innovation applied to objects, materials and architecture in which to work, exchange ideas and find the right one.


TClub Spaces

Within the spaces of the TClub, the workstations, the seating, the tables and the systems that come from the Tecno collections create a sequence of clusters that have different functions  and that are flexible and responsive because they can be adapted  in a personal way. 

The meeting rooms for conferences, presentations or group meetings alternate with areas made for more compact gatherings. The functional areas can take on the appearance  of typical offices or become dynamic stations that foster coworking or create corners for finding individual focus. The lounges are both for waiting and for informal and reserved exchanges. 

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TClub Milano

In the heart of Milan, TClub is a historical building with a visionary soul.

Piazza XXV Aprile 11, Milano

TClub Paris

In the heart of Paris, TClub is the cradle of modern architecture.

Maison Ozenfant 53, Avenue Reille

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