Space ad a Service

A conference on the opportunities to connect spaces and the innovative DINA platform with which to manage them.

Arriving or departing, coming and going, moving around the city using the network of public or shared services such as car and bike sharing, exploiting the integrated technologies that surround us and that we barely notice any more. Entering a building that has set its internal lighting and temperature based on the weather and occupancy level, which sends information in real time allowing for data analysis and, therefore, the optimisation of resources, access control, the effective management of spaces and much more besides in what we now call smart buildings. 

Accessing a workstation via identification of your profile, finding a station booked and configuring it depending on the day’s activities. Organising a meeting with other colleagues by reserving a meeting room and sharing your respective progress by connecting directly to the cloud. Going to the gym and taking your bag from a locker that is reserved remotely.

The digital revolution is changing the way we live and work: from urban micro-mobility to places destined for work, a connection allows for speed, dynamism, personalisation, efficiency but, above all, sharing, all thanks to an app.

From the office to co-working to “Space as a Service", the new business form sees users connected to spaces and spaces connected to each other, transforming them into energy activators, relational environments at the service of people, who can meet, participate in experiences and network.
The conference promoted by Tecno will cover these very topics. Among the first to confront the subject of the internet of things, Tecno has intercepted the new needs and launched the DINA-Connecting Spaces total multi-protocol software platform on the market, thanks to close collaboration with Teoresi, Ilevia and io.T Solutions.

Designed specifically for smart buildings, DINA is also an app dedicated to the co-working segment and a platform with which all spaces (even the inactive or already existing) can communicate with each other, all connected to a single network.


Luca De Biase, Innovation Editor at Il Sole 24 Ore and Nova24, Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of Tecno, and Tommaso Mosconi, General Manager at io.T Solutions will present the experiences of the company that has equipped its buildings with an innovative smart system, going as far as to develop a multi-protocol software able to offer information and solutions to building supervisors and improve the comfort of the end user.

Alida Forte Catella, CEO of Coima Image and M&C Coima, will talk about how buildings and cities are transformed in the sharing economy era, outlining new business prospects relating to construction methods that favour and improve usage by citizens.

Fabio Santini, One Commercial Partner and Small, Medium and Corporate Leader at Microsoft, and Roberto Filippelli, Azure Cloud Infrastructure Partner Development Director at Microsoft, will illustrate the uses and benefits offered by new technologies and how Microsoft supports the digital transformation of businesses.

Architect Massimo Roj, Founder, CEO and Partner of Progetto CMR, will introduce an analysis of the new ways of working, where a connection represents the current design challenge when creating environments.
The panel is rounded out with Jacobs Bates, CEO of CommonGrounds Workplace, with a focus on the case history of the rapidly growing Californian start-up CommonGrounds, which acquires unused spaces to make them available to everyone in the form of co-working spaces.

Microsoft House, Viale Pasubio 21 - Milan
Monday 8 April 2019
15.30: registration
16.00-18.00: conference
18.30: closing cocktail in Piazza XXV Aprile, Tecno Showroom