Bcg Miaimi

Considered one of the “Big Three” in the analysis of financial trends, for its new headquarters, the Boston Consulting Group America picked glass partitions and customised furniture in prized materials to interpret the spirit of trailblazing research which constitutes the core business of the multinational company.


The company, this time in its headquarters in Miami, continues its partnership for the construction of spaces that reflect leadership, expertise, global thinking and flexibility. The W80 partition walls, with their patented technology and numerous integrated functionalities, divide up the 2000 sq.m. office space, maintaining exceptional soundproofing and privacy for the occupants - an absolute requisite for a financial management firm.

The large custom circular desk, with its oakwood canneté, is equipped for conferences and can be disassembled and reconfigured for a variety of layouts. The same design and materials were used for the other round and oval tables of various sizes, used to furnish the conference rooms and small lounge areas.
The stylistic and chromatic choices of Studio Pasqualetti Design LLC + Anastasio Architects confirm the product leadership and the construction of welcoming spaces that shy away from the formal rigidity of financial settings, preferring a more modern and relaxed professional approach that can change and keep up with the times.

Miami (USA)

Boston Consulting Group

Project by
Pasqualetti Design LLC + Anastasio Architects