Boston Consulting Group USA

Considered one of the “Big Three” in the analysis of financial trends, the Boston Consulting Group selected Tecno’s demountable partition systems and custom furniture because of the wide selection of special materials and finishes, helping BCG translating its core values into a vernacular architectural language


BCG commitment to create spaces that reflect leadership, expertise, global thinking and flexibility was a perfect match for W80 partition, with its patented technology and numerous integrations the project featured approximately 1,000 linear feet of modular walls, maintaining exceptional soundproofing and privacy for their occupants - an absolute requisite for a financial management firm. 

The circular conference table in ribbed oak, featured integrated audio visual technology and can be disassembled and reconfigured for a variety of layouts including individual desks. 

The stylistic and chromatic choices of Studio Pasqualetti Design LLC + Anastasio Architects married to the Tecno’s custom capabilities resulted in a modern, flexible and timeless work settings.

Miami (USA)

Boston Consulting Group

Project by
Pasqualetti Design LLC + Anastasio Architects