io.T, Tecno's smart system of connected furnishings

Tecno has always seized on the developments in progress and transferred them to products able to improve well-being in working environments. Knowledge, intelligence and connection are profoundly changing the way we act and how we do business. Intelligent objects, such as desks, meeting tables and partition walls facilitate the daily working activity and modify the relationship between workplace, environment and the building becoming optimization elements.

This is io.T. A smart system of connected furnishings with the capacity for integration with IT systems, devices, traditional hubs and the cloud, designed to offer information and solutions to owners and managers of office buildings and end users.

Tecno picks up on studio Gtp’s intuition and creates a working team of experts such as TIM, STMicroelectronics, Digitronica.it, Ilevia, InfoSolution and Videoworks who have worked for the past two years on developing and optimizing the io.T furnishing system, previewed during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile and currently used by Tecno in its own headquarters.

The io.T intelligent furnishing system allows a real-time exchange of information for improving management of the area minimizing consumptions and optimizing resources.

User authentication, access and functionality control, workplace and meeting room booking and analysis and control of the environmental conditions are a few of the features of io.T furnishings which, in addition to improving individual work quality, allow the precise management of the data collected and the optimization of the building maintenance costs.

io.T is Tecno’s project that, in the office furniture world, combines, for the first time, the tangible, analogue world with the intangible world of digital. The missing link that transforms users into recognized people.

Salone del Mobile 2016 - Milan
Showroom Tecno - Caselli di Porta Garibaldi, Piazza XXV Aprile 11
April 12-17th, 2016 | H 10.00 am - 9.30 pm