其结构灵活,可以定制,以适合空间的布局和特定的使用需求:这个简单实用的解决方案,可用于众多类型的室内设计项目,从工作场所到家居房间甚至教育环境,均十分理想。 结构元素(球形接头、管状截面、面板)和简约、几乎是原型的造型,可结合在一起以发挥各种功能,从而形成水平表面(例如工作台面和座椅)、垂直表面(用于划分空间)、构成收纳容器的造型以及可与照明系统、织物和隔音板一体化的支撑。
Linea系列可以整合各种饰面和材料。 这些结构可以与包括橱柜、抽屉、搁板、黑板和座椅等配件整合在一起,并可以配备io.T技术。 


A grid of solutions

The construction elements – joint, tubular, panels – with their minimalist and almost archetypal shape, respond to different functions: horizontal surfaces, such as worktops and seating, or vertical surfaces to divide the space, composing containers and supports that can be integrated with lighting systems, fabrics or acoustic panels. 

Point line surface

'The point, an invisible, humble and silent entity, is the element from which all other forms are generated. As a moving entity, the point determines the geometric line, so that from the movements of the line we can arrive at the creation of surfaces.'

- Wassily Kandinsky


IO.T Technology

io.T technology is powered by IO.T Solutions and it can be incorporated both in operating workstations as well as in meeting tables, lokers, seats, lights or others and support various functions devised according to the customer’s needs and the building organisation. 

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Mobilier multifonction

La micro-architecture fait à la fois office de bureau, d'étagère et de siège et est directement interconnectée à l'espace. Le résultat est une solution multitâche pour travailler dans toutes les situations, alliant esthétique et prestations.  


Una griglia di soluzioni

Gli elementi costruttivi - giunto, tubolari, pannelli - dalla forma minimalista e quasi archetipica, rispondono a diverse funzioni: superfici orizzontali, come piani di lavoro e sedute, o superfici verticali per dividere lo spazio, componendo contenitori e supporti integrabili con sistemi di illuminazione, tessuti o pannelli acustici.