A modular, continually reconfigurable micro-architecturalsystem, designed to define and organise spaces.


The flexible structure can be customized to suit any space layout or specific need: a simple and functional solution that characterises interior design projects, from work environment to educational spaces.  
Linea can be integrated with different feature and accessories - cupboards, drawers, shelves, blackboards, seats, lights, lockers and others - and can be equipped with IO.T technology, all of this available in a wide range of materials and finishes that can be freely integrated in each configuration. 



Multi-tasking furniture

The micro-architectural system can be combined as a desk or shelf and can be interconnected with the space. The result is a multi-tasking solution for any working requirement, combining aesthetics and performance. 


A grid of solutions

The construction elements - ball joint, tubular sections, panels – with the minimalistic and almost archetypal shape, answer to various functions. Horizontal surfaces, such as worktops and seats, or vertical surfaces to divide up space, creating containers and supports that can be integrated with lighting systems, fabrics or acoustic panels.


IO.T Technology

IO.T technology is powered by IO.T Solutions and it can be incorporated both on workstations as well as in meeting tables, lokers, seats, lights or others to be managed via app or software various functions devised according to the customer’s needs and the building organisation.

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