An architectural system of fully autonomous plug-and-play modules which can be installed, updated and modified - anywhere, at any time.


An innovative solution combining advanced technology, efficiency and sustainability, WQube makes it possible to install an enclosed, comfortable space in virtually any setting, complete with all the features you need to work and hold meetings.



Cellular system

The modular nature of the system means that WQube can be used to create a series of flexible spaces which can be combined and reorganized to suit changing requirements over time. Suitable for executive or operational offices, meeting rooms, video conference spaces, waiting lounges or communal areas, WQube's lightweight, simple structure is perfect for creating entire networks of interconnected workspaces.


Hi-tech system

The option to alternate glass and opaque panels, the superior acoustic performance levels, the lighting and the ventilation systems have all been designed to guarantee maximum comfort and privacy inside WQube, improving the wellbeing of users in the process. The LED lights are dimmable, while the highly energy-efficient, silent ventilation system keeps the temperature constant, ensuring continual air circulation and purification. Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with IO.T Solutions, WQube’s tech features can be controlled via a single app. The Dina – Connecting Spaces app makes it easy to manage and optimize resources to create an environment which is fully focused on serving people, can be booked remotely and is securely accessible.


Flexibility and reconfigurability

The modules are quick to assemble and can be arranged in any lay-out, with no additional parts required. The speed and simplicity of installation means that the system can be expanded, altered or adapted at a later date and at low cost.