The architectural system of fully autonomous plug-and-play modules which can be installed, updated and modified - anywhere, at any time. 


The micro-settings designed in a functionally independent way with respect to the surrounding architecture,  ideal for common areas, co-working and public areas requiring fast and flexible solution to convert an open area to a structured network of individual spaces.

An innovative solution combining advanced technology, efficiency and sustainability, which allows to install a  comfortable space - featuring everything needed to work and hold meetings - in virtually any kind of setting, even converting existing building in a brand new office. 
WQube is available in 6 dimensions and feature also the TQube cabin version. The modular nature of the system means that WQube can be used to create a series of flexible spaces which can be combined and reorganized to suit changing requirements over time. 



Cellular system

Suitable for executive or operational offices, meeting rooms, video conference spaces, waiting lounges or communal areas; the lightweight, simple structure is perfect for creating entire networks of interconnected workspaces. 


Hi-tech system

The possibility to alternate glass and solid panels, the superior acoustic performance levels, the dimmable LED lighting and the highly energy-efficient and silent systems: every element and detail have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort and privacy, improving the wellbeing of users and ensuring continual air circulation and purification.


Flexibility and reconfigurability

The modules are quick to assemble and can be arranged in any layout. The speed and simplicity of installation means that the system can be expanded, modified or adapted along time and at low cost. 


IO.T Technology

IO.T technology is powered by IO.T Solutions and it can be incorporated both on workstations as well as in meeting tables, lokers, seats, lights or others to be managed via app or software various functions devised according to the customer’s needs and the building organisation.

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