Passenger Terminal 2019

The biggest trade fair that focuses on the airport world is to be held in the English capital this year.
To take part in the event, Tecno has picked as its star products the brand new Linea as well as the iconic Aeris bench that incorporates the io.T. system.

Airports and train stations are no longer merely places of transit, but rather settings where people are spending more and more time, often while working: the amenities therefore need to be comfortable and flexible, with furniture suitable for different types of users and featuring all the necessary technological support for current devices.

Tecno has from the onset specialised in seats for high-traffic areas, offering solutions that aim to enhance the experience of passengers who now require increasingly high-level tools and services. The brand is also tackling the new frontier of digitisation, to develop products that are at the cutting edge in this segment dedicated to collective settings.

Design know-how combined with a focus on evolving behaviour, as well as product innovation and ergonomic contents, are what led to the conception of Aeris, a bar-based bench system designed to be extremely versatile and accessorisable.

Aeris can now also be integrated with io.T smart technology to liaise with Dina, the portal for smart building and high-traffic location management. The recent introduction of the Linea micro-architectural system makes it possible to organise and define spaces in a dynamic, personalisable and reconfigurable way, with the possibility of integrating temporary work surfaces, seating areas for quick breaks and various sized storage units or lockers.

Over the years, Tecno has furnished major airports, railway and underground railway stations on an international scale, including: Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, El Prat in Madrid, SNCF in France, Hamad International in Doha, Stansted in London.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2019
26th - 27th - 28th March 2019
Exhibition Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway

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