This mounted bench system has been designed by Grimshaw to respond to the essential requirements of all airports: ergonomic comfort, tech compatibility, customization, flexibility and adaptability.


The mounted seating system makes it possible to align up to five seats, with the option to add cantilever tables. As well as serving as one of the distinctive aesthetic features, the iconic star shape of the structural bar in extruded aluminum is also the functional heart of the system. 



Infinite compositions

The ease with which the individual elements can be fixed together means it’s possible to arrange each section of the bench freely, creating infinite compositions which can be mixed and matched as time goes on. By simply removing the side cover and inserting the join or the connecting module, it's possible to connect an infinite number of benches, thus accommodating all layouts. 


Electricity access

In the benches with electricity access, the wiring runs through the structural bar to ensure that it can reach and serve all of the seats. The plug can be located between the main seat bodies or on the tables. The wiring runs down the leg to the floor, hidden by casing.



The legs and armrests have been designed to ensure the highest possible level of resistance and solidity while at the same time conveying a sense of lightness. The armrests are available in two heights, to ensure a range of levels of comfort. The seat part itself can be offered in polyurethane, perforated sheet metal or wood, or with a fabric or leather covering.