Beta meeting

2009 - 2012

Beta is as an office work system capable of responding to the multiple needs of modern working environments. It facilitates the reconfiguring of space, adapts to new ways of working and satisfies the needs of the latest IT systems, evolving efficiently over time.


The Beta office work system uses the results of the latest sociological research to guide today’s offices towards a more efficient future. Office environments have to be able to adapt and evolve in order to encourage the sharing of experience and the co-existence of different working practices. More than a simple office system Beta is a whole new working environment, with a growth logic designed not to fill space, but to create it.

Beta configurations combine three basic components: backbones, desks and accessories. The backbone is a metal structural module of 120 cm in length that provides the base on which the many functions and characteristics of the Beta system are built. The backbone serves as container, display unit and support for accessories, and also carries the integrated cabling. The desks are conceived as platforms on which people can work individually and collectively. As the number of elements increases, so too does the number of possible system configurations, from the most concentrated to the most evolved.

This sort of continuous evolution is the reason behind the introduction of free standing and desk sharing versions as means of creating ever more flexible and user friendly office spaces. Islands are dedicated no longer to individual tasks but to complete workflows, organised in a purposefully horizontal, non-hierarchical manner.

年红点设计奖(Beta办公桌) , 2010
年美国奖(Beta办公桌), 2010
年优秀设计奖(Beta办公桌), 2010



The worktop, for working and sharing

Enabling individual and collective activities, workstations are like platforms divided in two main areas: central area for working concentrated and the side to welcome small meeting and sharing, which enable individual and collective activities. In the semi-evolved and evolved versions in lacquer, the border of the desktop is rounded to ensure proper support to the forearm and improve comfort. 


Connection and electricity in the backbone infrastructure

Being a container, display and support for accessories with integrated cable routing, the backbone allows Beta to grow without limits relative to the size of the space, acting as the infrastructure which handles technological connections, thus doing away with the need for cavity ceilings and computer floors.


Fast and easy installation

The base of the backbone, separated from the central body, has been designed to facilitate the tasks of tracing out the layout, verifying the division of space and laying out tech systems in advance, as well as simplifying the job of levelling the assembly. The innovative assembly/disassembly system simplifies installation and greatly reduces costs.