Beta meeting

The organic-aesthetic workstation system designed to shape space in an innovative way.


A generator of spaces: desks to work individually or to reflect, collective areas to share knowledge and stimulate teamwork, tables for organising formal meetings, but also quick supports for informal gatherings or to enjoy a lunch or coffee break. The system, with its pure, functional yet visually light aesthetics, is characterised by a dynamic and slender design thanks to its high-level, carefully thought-out soft, organic details.

Beta is based on 3 components: backbone, desks and accessories, which together create infinite configuration and usability possibilities, introducing a contemporary approach to space and with a wide range of customisation to be projct designed. In the perspective of continuous evolution, light meeting solutions and rectangular free-standing workstations stand out, implementing a horizontal and highly collaborative organisation.

Red Dot Design Award beta, 2010
US Award beta, 2010
Good Design Award beta, 2010