该办公桌系统可以以简单、快速且无需工具的方式进行组合和重新配置,满足在结构、尺寸、类型或专业方面不断变化的工作环境需求。手是人类的第一个工具,也是该系统要求的唯一工具,只需双手旋转45°,就可以以多种不同的方式组装和拆卸该系统,实现单个办公桌、多个工作站以及站立式工作站等组合。Clavis可以集成io.T,即Intelligence of Tecno(Tecno智能),从而创建高级且互连的工作区。办公桌中的嵌入式传感器可激活为用户服务的功能并实时发送信息,从而优化资源。



Tool-free coupling

The 45° rotation of the elements ensure quick and easy assembly of the frame, while the tabletop is anchored with magnetic catches. Longitudinal element, transverse element, single or shared leg and tops: these basic components, repeated in a modular manner, allow endless layout solutions.


Agile working

If the relationship between individual and collective space changes, products are needed to allow this reconfiguration. The project is born from a new, evolved, instantaneous gesture, synergic with the increasingly agile contemporary work environment. The introduction of color, as an additional element of identity, gives a new idea of dynamic space.


Free accessibility

The universal clamp equips a range of accessories that are quick and easy to configure. The screens, available in two heights and multiple finishes, design the work surface and offer different levels of privacy or sharing. Modesty panels, shelves, drawers, monitor arm brackets and lamps complete the range of accessories that make the system flexible and widely customizable.


IO.T Technology

The technology powered by IO.T Solutions, digitizes environments and services, making them connected, customizable and can be managed via app or software, according to the user's needs and the organization’s policies. It is thus possible to manage every type of accessory easily, quickly and digitally: room accesses, monitors, TVs and video projectors, lockers, desks and tables, chairs, lights, electrical sockets and much more.

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