Rationality manifesto

It is the detail that makes the difference: the design effort to make the base partition panels thinner and thinner does not forego solidity to support sturdily the thick worktops. The slight detachment, of the bases from the top, lightens and slims the entire image of the product, which remains the emblem of perfection in the relationship between proportions.


The heart of the system is the solid 4 cm thick top that houses a series of bushings, completely concealed under the top. The attachment of the bases, which act as a divider and support, can therefore take place in an infinite number of positions, which can also be combined. The freedom of composition and the versatility allow a wide range of solutions, reconfigurable over time.

Concealed electrification

A central backbone allows the distribution of cables and with ease of accessibility for devices. From the floor, the cabling is distributed vertically through the cable socket, for cable entry,horizontally through the network of modular cable tray, for under-floor distribution of electrification, and finally to the top access, where devices can be connected.

The office revolution

Presented in 1968 at the 14th Milan Triennale, it has been the first office furniture system ever designed. A revolution that led to overcoming the concept of the single object, introducing monochrome white and a new way of thinking about the overall environment: the concept of system was born. A fundamental step towards industrial production, in which the fast and simple management of Graphis never changed.