TClub | Winter season

A place dedicated to creativity and design, TClub gathers colours, shapes, sounds and relationships and becomes a place for meeting and inspiration. A living hub open to the community, next month it will host  "La collezione delle meraviglie incontra il Design" di Lillapainting Alice Chimenti e Elisabetta Cannoletta Interior by Lillapainting Alice Chimenti and Elisabetta Cannoletta Interior.

   16 Nov – 16 Dic
   La collezione delle Meraviglie incontra il Design
   TClub Milano Tecno Showroom
   Piazza XXV Aprile, 11

   Evento di Apertura
   Mercoledì 16 Nov.
   Ore 19:00
   Download the invitation here

Not to be missed in early December is the final of 'Super DJ Arch Milano', the architecture and music competition organised last September by Tecno and Zanotta.

   Super DjArch Milano
   presso Swiss Corner,
   Via Palestro 2

   Giovedì 1 Dic.
   Ore 19:00

We are waiting for you.