Tecno Hub

The container that offers a vision of the future and keeps visitors connected to the Tecno world with articles, videos and interactions via which to think, reflect and create. All this, while remaining focused on solutions that are not only excellent but preferable, always putting people front and center, and accepting responsibility for tomorrow, today.


Alis: Shaping the future

Tecno and Zaha Hadid Architects take an Ultramorphic journey towards the future, onboard a spaceship that seems from another world but it’s built around us. This is a multifunctional structure that responds to the future ways of creating connections between humans. 

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Sintesi: Work + Life Ecosystem

The world of work as we have known it has changed forever. Today we are called to find  a new balance by designing  a future-proof system.  

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The Office From The Future

A vision of evolving space, an acceleration of environments that have succeeded only in bringing tomorrow’s solutions closer to today’s organizational needs. What kind of change are we experiencing and how will design respond to this? 

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Tecno Elements

A coordinated and balanced systemsof colours, materials and finishes forshaping the identity of contemporary newspaces

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